BioMimetx: a promising company

BioMimetx is a Portuguese Biotech company, that is inspired by Nature to research, develop and commercialize natural and innovative compounds recovered from bacteria. After an initial seed funding for the Proof of Concept of the technology, BioMimetx raised a private investment of 1,6 M€ and received an additional 1,4 M€ through a European Commission H2020 Grant, to consolidate product development. BioMimetx first product – BMX-11 is a “green” antifouling additive for marine paints to prevent the formation of marine biofouling. BMX-11 has already been granted a classification as a “Biochemical pesticide” by the US EPA, and the regulatory files and tests to use that fast-track regulatory pathway in the USA are now underway.

The production process of BMX-11 has achieved with success the industrial scale production. Other antifouling applications are also under development, such as coatings for aquaculture structures and nets, a sector where the use of biocide additives is extremely controlled due to the interaction with the food chain and non-toxic solutions for all fouling problems are essential. Due to BMX-11 features as a “green” antimicrobial, algaecide and lavaecide BioMimetx is also developing other applications for controlling plagues in aquaculture and agriculture

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