The “Blue bio value” program

The equation simply doesn’t have a solution if we continue to do things as we do today. We won’t be able to supply a growing demand and reduce CO2 emissions to desirable levels without changing dramatically the way we eat, the way we consume and the way we produce. This is where the ocean and a blue bioeconomy will play (and already does!) a crucial role. A productive and healthy ocean is essential for humankind and that’s why we need to achieve a new paradigm of a sustainable use of the ocean, where the economic exploration of the sea must go hand in hand with the protection of the marine environment.

Committed to this vision, the Oceano Azul Foundation in partnership with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation have created the Blue Bio Value Program, an accelerator of start-ups and SMEs that will scale-up marine biobased solutions to global market applications in different industries, resorting to science-based and biotech innovations, while helping to tackle important societal challenges. The Program will help entrepreneurs to develop commercially viable projects along the value chain of marine bioresources and help them transform their projects into a global and successful businesses. In an 8 weeks’ acceleration program, the entrepreneurs will validate their ideas and create solid and structured foundations for their business.

Blue Innovation

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