Cascais is sea-oriented

The involvement of local communities has been another tool of work in Cascais, due to the understanding that the community needs to adapt itself regarding environmental issues as a success key for the implementation of measures on the ground. Since 2008, more than 8 tons of sewage have been cleared from the seabed by about 1,400 volunteers through the Clean Up The Atlantic Initiative, which gathers sea and land volunteers in the coastal cleaning off the Cascais Bay. More recently, having decided to end the use of plastic in water consumption, Cascais expects to withdraw from circulation half a million plastic bottles a year which would be enough to fill up twice the Santa Marta Lighthouse, located in this village, with this material. This problem is undeniable. In terms of events, which are also an important component of the Cascais life, the municipality wants to challenge organizations to make their initiatives more sustainable. Events such as major international conferences, local community celebrations, business meetings, music festivals, exhibitions or sporting events have now a more conscientious footprint.

Sara Saraiava

Environment Account Manager, Brand & Communication Division, Cascais Municipality.

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