Cascais is sea-oriented

All these initiatives are important to the municipality. This year, upon receiving BIOMARINE – the largest platform of companies related to biotechnology of the sea – once again, Cascais imposes itself as the host and catalyst of meetings for the promotion of marine resources exploitation. This year, it aims at mirroring the potential of the various activities related to the sea as one of the most valuable for the growth of the Municipality. Cascais has an Atlantic dimension, where its territory is assumed in a more broadly way. Its maritime territory influences the terrestrial territory and its communities. Innovative projects have been started through the DNA Cascais and over the last 11 years, as a corporate nest, it has supported the creation of more than 320 enterprises. Some projects related to the sea are worth being highlighted: social projects such as Wave by wave which was started by two sea and surf lovers. A national surf champion and a psychologist have seen the transforming power of this sport, thus creating a therapeutic project that transformed surf into a tool of promotion of mental health and wellness and bringing surf to populations that are at risk of social exclusion. Even industries, such as Xhapeland, which is specialized in the production, through the use of advanced technology, of high-quality boards suitable for all surf levels and conditions. In the aeronautics sector, Optimal Structural Solutions is a national benchmark that uses space technology for more energy-efficient solutions through the production of lighter composite components.

Sara Saraiava

Environment Account Manager, Brand & Communication Division, Cascais Municipality.

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