Introduction by Mr Pierre Erwes

Welcome to this first edition of Blue Innovation, which I hope will help you to better understand our ‘blue’ economy by inspiring you and by deciphering what our researchers and industries are preparing for the years to come. We will try to share these everyday conquests with you—conquests that will tomorrow enable us to treat most illnesses, to offer a balanced diet to the world, to make available an energy mix adapted to all societies, and to improve everyone’s quality of life in large cities, on the coast or indeed at sea on our floating communities.

For the ‘blue’ revolution is not yet news. Instead, it is the sum of the efforts of millions of anonymous people who every day grow fields of algae in Indonesia, breed sea cucumbers in Mexico, starfish in Quebec or crabs in Alaska. Farmers, technicians, engineers, investors and politicians are preparing this societal change which goes well beyond your imagination.

Pierre Erwes

Chairman Biomarine.

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