Introduction by Mr Pierre Erwes

We are referring to the bio-molecules and the neuro-peptides capable of considerably reducing metastasis; to the collagen which in combination with other ingredients will replace our corneas and enable the skin of burn victims to regrow; to the algae which are already part of the feed given to fish and cattle in order to cut down on antibiotics and ensure the right amount of omega-3 and 6; to the micro-algae which are already beginning to replace animal protein in certain prepared foods; to the 25% of bio-materials and bio-plastics that will be made of algae, of the shells of crustaceans or insects or of fish-scales.

As Mr Hulot (the former French minister, not the film character) disembarks from the French ship of state well before the band ceases to play, I would like to reassure our readers by introducing a note of optimism to the often complex relationships that link our captains of industry, our politicians and our civil society in our ‘blue’ economy.

Pierre Erwes

Chairman Biomarine.

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