Introduction by Mr Pierre Erwes

Most of the companies involved in this sector are small, sometimes even tiny innovators whose ethical rules correspond perfectly to the evolving values of our societies. Many of the producers are responsible co-operatives that maintain and manage the marine environment. Most of the foods have passed much stricter controls given the fact that they come from a fragile environment in which the slightest trace of contamination can have devastating effects.

And what of our society that seems to be reaching a certain maturity in terms of environmental issues? Access to information is instantaneous and indisputable. It empowers consumers, who can decide whether they prefer a salmon farmed onshore and fed animal meal, or a salmon steak made of 100% pure and natural micro-algae. This ‘blue’ growth is also a real gift to developing countries having all the ingredients for the development of a new, interdependent and sustainable economy.

Pierre Erwes

Chairman Biomarine.

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